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prescription drugs discount

See the Savings

Real savings, really simple

  • “I have carried your card around for a couple of months because it sounded too good to be true.”

    I used it today and saved $15.00 on my prescriptions. I work for a home health care company and most of us don't have insurance. This could help so many of my co-workers so I printed the main page of your web site and will share it at our next staff meeting. Our company doesn't offer any benefits for health care. Thank you!


  • “My wife has used your card and we love it.”

    It has helped us save a lot of $$. If you can send me a bunch of cards, I will distribute it to my friends. Thanks!


  • “Just wanted to say thank you for the free prescription discount card.”

    I had the opportunity to use it for the first time today, and was truly amazed at the savings! It was awesome! Thanks for making a difference in the lives of people.

    -Carrie H

  • “I am unemployed and did not qualify for medical coverage once my COBRA expired!”

    I'm too young (57) to get Medicare (and obviously too old to get a job), so I was very pleased when out of the blue I received your prescription card. My Premarin, which cost $22 per month under Blue Cross, is now $50.92 (no reason!!). I was able to use the card and the prescription cost me $43.44 (still outrageous, but better than $51!). Thank you.