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prescription savings

How It Works

Simple steps to prescription savings

We know that prescription drugs can be costly and we're here to help. With the Simple Savings Card, you save on your prescriptions at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. Card users save an average of 40% and up to 80% on some prescription purchases.

But what good is saving money when it's a hassle to do it? That's why we make saving simple. Just present your Simple Savings Card with your next prescription purchase and instantly save. The card is free and, because it's not insurance, everyone is eligible—there's no qualification process.

  1. prescription card

    Get a FREE savings card

    Simply get a free card from our site. The process is simple and, because it's not insurance, everyone is eligible — there's no qualification process.

  2. save on prescriptions

    Present your card and save.

    The Simple Savings Card covers all drugs requiring a doctor’s prescription. So the next time you purchase a prescription, simply present your card at the pharmacy and save! Continue saving on future purchases by using your Simple Savings Card each time you return.

How can this be free?

Because of our size and relationships within the pharmaceutical industry, we are able to negotiate lower prices on your behalf. We get paid by the pharmaceutical companies when you use your card—all while you save money.