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About Simple Savings Card

About Us

Helping others through simple saving

With the rising cost of insurance, many employee healthcare plans have lowered or no longer include prescription drug coverage. Seeing this trend, the founders of Luscinia Health were inspired to create a simple solution for uninsured and underinsured Americans to save money on their prescriptions. This solution is the Simple Savings Card Program.

Our team at Luscinia Health helps thousands of people each week to save money on their prescriptions through the Simple Savings Card Program. The program works much like a discount buyers’ club. Through our relationships within the pharmaceutical industry, we are able to leverage the size of our customer base to help lower the costs of prescription drugs. The card is free to you and we get paid by the pharmaceutical companies when you use your card.

Our goal is to provide honest savings to you. So, get a card today or contact us with your questions. We’d love to hear from you.